Original Handmade Scented Pre-Rigged Worms
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Plastic Pre-Rigged Worms, Plastic Scented Pre-Rigged Worms, Plastic Scented Worms, Weedless Bass Fishing Plastics, Worms Pre-Rigged

Like many lure ideas, Chuck Mercaitis' pre-rigged worm was born in a garage. Over the course of several years, it was carefully and quietly bent, tuned and tweaked to perfection. But Chuck's Worm, as it was known then, didn't gain notoriety on faith, heavy discounting or advertising dollars. It gained a following through its performance on the water. Curious anglers would watch in astonishment as Chuck methodically hooked walleyes and bass with a consistency that made them swallow their pride and ask Chuck for the secret to his success.

The Worm Factory Line of Original Handmade Scented Pre-Rigged Worms for Bass Fishing, Walleye Fishing Plastic Scented Worms, Plastic WormsNaturally, word spread over the years but fishermen, dealers and distributors were cool and reluctant. They said the pre-rig was obsolete. this skepticism could be described in three words; Texas-rigged Worm. the obvious advantage to the Texas-rigged worm was that it could be fished in heavy weeds and brush without fear of hanging up, dragging the bottom or fouling the hooks. they said the lowly pre-rig was destined to end up in a museum or landfill.

But it never happened. And for four good reasons. First, serious bass anglers began to leave the shoreline and soon discovered that with heavy boat traffic, a bright sun or boiling summer water temperatures, bass seek out the deeper, quieter and cooler waters that are just perfect for the pre-rigged worm. Second, pre-rigged worms have a unique natural slow-spiraling action that is very attractive to gamefish, and action that cannot be duplicated in a forward-weighted Texas-rigged worm. Third, pre-rigged worms are much more efficient at hooking bass because they are simple to use. Finally, the three strategically placed hooks almost always guarantee that the fish hooks itself, area plus for the casual angler.

Chuck's Worm eventually became Bill's Worm. And today it is simply called The Worm. The unique built-in bend, raspberry scent and quality construction is identical to Chuck Mercatis' original 1970 invention.

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